In Chicago, it’s Navy Pier and if you’re in California it would be Disneyland.  These are the most popular U.S. attractions state by state.  As the summer months approach, many of you will be going on vacation and doing either road trips or flying to certain destination to either check out their most popular attraction or to see what your city has to offer.

Wide Open Country shows a map of all fifty states with their most popular tourist attraction.  Also, according to 2009 stats from National Parks, statue tourism, and other stat sites, this list showed the actual number of visits to each attraction.  While many destinations have received a lot of tourists, there is a certain destination in Texas that has received more than 5 million visits.

The San Antonio River Walk is the most popular attraction in Texas and for good reason.  You can take a boat ride along the River Walk, or you can probably catch a show at an historic open-air theater.  Also, you can relive the Alamo’s story in 3-D, and during the holiday season I’ve heard that the Ford Holiday River parade - an annual 30 year tradition - is a must see.

Does East Texas have a popular attraction that we might not be aware of?  Please share it so we can recognize it.

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