Get set for storytellers, musical performers, highland games, and more for the next two weekends in Tyler.  And it's the perfect chance to break out your kilt.

They'll have five stages at the Tyler Celtic Festival for bagpipers, storytellers, historical lecturers, and lots of games.  Organizers say they've added more vendors this year, and they're expecting big crowds as the pandemic wears off and families are itching to get out of the house and have some fun, with dad in a kilt perhaps.

I did a little light reading about kilts and went straight to the section that answers every curious person's question - What do guys wear underneath a kilt, anyway?   I was a little surprised to discover that 55% of guys wear dark underwear underneath their kilt, 38% go commando, and 7% wear shorts or tights.  I thought they all wore spandex.  Just kidding. said, "A proper kilt is usually accompanied by a sporran, a small bag worn around the waist and over the kilt. It’s the Gaelic word for purse; A kilt pin holds the two pieces together at the front, and the Sgian dubh (skee-an doo) is a small dagger that sits in the sock."  If kilt-wearing is too complicated, shorts are just fine too.

The Tyler Celtic Festival runs from Friday, May 21 through Sunday, May 23 at The Grove in Tyler, and it will happen at the same place Friday, May 28 through Sunday, May 30 too.  You can get tickets on Eventbrite, and rent a kilt HERE if you want.  Have fun!

Tyler Celtic Festival:

The Grove

15926 Texas Hwy 64 East

Tyler, TX 75707

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