I was asked this afternoon about the top five concerts I have been to. And I said it is kind of easy to pick, but there where a lot of solid ones that didn't get the top five.I've seen a lot of concerts since even before I was in radio. But ever since I have been to so many shows -- both good and bad. But here are my five favorites.

No. 1: Pink Floyd at the Orange Bowl in 1987. This was phenomenal for me because these guys are some of the best ever, and the set list was unreal. My dad took me with a couple of his friends because I was 14 at the time. I'll never forget it.

No. 2: It has to be Lollapalooza in 1997 with Snoop Dogg, Korn and Tool, along with so many others. This was just after a tropical storm in Florida and it got REAL muddy.

No. 3: I was in Miami Arena in 1996 to see White Zombie and Pantera, along with others. This was crazy, and I just loved it with backstage passes!

No. 4: Korn and Deftones on the 2006 Family Values tour. It was sweet and the bands were cool to be backstage with.

No. 5: This one goes to The Cult, Lenny Kravitz and Guns N' Roses in San Diego in 1994. That was when Axl Rose jumped on a dude for throwing a water bottle at him. We were backstage and it was sweet. Not to mention, seeing Slash play with Lenny Kravitz was incredible.

Now tell me your favorites!

Korn: Family Values Tour 2006