It's all fun and games until you break a vase, and some TikTok dances are causing more damage than others.

TikTok can help pass the time during the lockdown, but that doesn't mean the dances always go well.

David White - Connective3
David White - Connective3

The insurance site looked into it and found the routines that are most likely to lead to broken vases, holes in walls, and damaged furniture are:

Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage

Wiz Khalifa’s Something New

Nahzzy and Legend’s Lean With It (Rock With It)

Almost a fifth of adults (18%) admitted to damaging household items while trying to recreate a famed TikTok routine. Yup. TikTok is a blast until you face plant into the fridge.

The most common types of damage caused during TikTok dances are usually repairable, but the fixes may not be cheap.

1.  Made a dent/hole in the wall - 29%
2.  Spilled something on the floor/carpet - 21%
3.  Smashed a window - 21%
4.  Broke an electrical item like an iPad/TV - 14%
5.  Damaged/torn soft furnishings e.g. the sofa - 8%

Repairs for people who crashed while they were dancing ranged from a few hundred dollars to $2400 or more.  And that doesn't count the trip to the ER if stitches and splints are in order.

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