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Everything about this legend creeps me out so I am seriously regretting writing this article in the middle of the night.

Now to be fair, the terrifying legend of La Lechuza is actually folklore from Mexico, but it made its way throughout Texas and beyond. Of course, South Texas had some serious scares when it came to La Lechuza, otherwise known as The Blood Thirsty Shapeshifting Barn Owl Witch That Never Really Got Over Being Killed By Villagers For Practicing Black Magic And Now She Wants Revenge... On Everyone.

She is a Bad A**Bird of Prey

La Lechuza likes to turn herself from a hideous witch into a hideous witch owl at night and hide in the trees just waiting for a human to snack on. If that isn't terrifying enough, to top it off, she often disguises her voice of that of a baby so even good-intentioned women can fall victim to her talons... and her beak and her freaky owl witch face.

She is also not fond of men, or bad words, or salt.

Here is one of my most favorite Youtube videos of all time regarding the telling of the legend of La Lechuza from HeartFire Media. It's worth a watch and it will probably make you chuckle more than scream.

This Youtube video is a lot less humorous. Thanks, Sinister Stories, thanks.

And this Youtube video from Nope, Too Creepy. Forget about it!

So... what happened in Robstown, Texas?

Back in 1975, the Robstown Texas Police were getting calls of all sorts from community members calling them to report a massive bird in a wooded area between Bosquez Street and Rabb Road. The problem was, none of the sightings matched. Some said it was a regular-sized bird, some said it was the size of a human. Some claimed the bird had a man's face, some said it was a woman's. Regardless, according to reports from the Christi Caller-Times 2021 article which you can read here, when the news trucks came, the calls stopped. But not to be thwarted by media attention, La Lechuza just showed up in other South Texas communities like Brownsville and San Benito. This time it was policemen who also reported the sighting!

Robstown gets the last laugh... er' the last shriek.

Not a town to give up its legends apparently the Robstown Police Dept. got the last laugh, er' shriek, and caught some kids who had created a La Lechuza dummy using a mannequin face and bird wings. Apparently, they brought it to the police station for display and that was that.

The mystery of Robstown, Brownsville and San Benito's La Lechuza sightings has never been solved. Who knows. She could be outside right now, crying like a baby and waiting for her next victim. You.

Sleep well. 

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