These are my amazing parents, and I am so proud of them.  Not only do they make great cows, but today is also their 43rd wedding anniversary.  Not many couples make it that far!

They've been dressing like cows since I was in high school, when they formed a group called the "Udder Bunch" and entered all the local parades.  They still live in Nebraska, in a small town of 700 people that's surrounded by cows, who just have to be flattered by the continuous impressions.

To ride in the parades, my dad cut the top off of my old Oldsmobile and painted it white with black spots, and put pink bowls with wooden dowels in place of the hubcaps, to look like a cow's udders.  I'll spare you the details about what my dad adds to his costume to pretend he's a bull.  Once you see it, you can't un-see it.

It hasn't been a perfect road for these two, but they have made it work and they've kept their marriage fresh by having fun together and doing creative and silly things along the way. My sister and I stressed them out at times and we probably still do, so maybe dressing like cows is the perfect escape.  Moo.

My own relationship failed after 14 years, and as you know from my Tinder adventures, finding the right person to spend the days with is no easy task and sometimes makes a girl question her sanity.  How do you do it?!!!  I have the utmost respect and love for my parents, who are still going strong after all this time, and they give me hope.

If I ever get married again, I'm dressing that guy up and enrolling him in the Udder Bunch for sure.

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