Rather than a state-of-the-art kitchen, apartment hunters want outdoor space now.  If the apartment is a few steps from a park it's a total score.

Living in an apartment has its advantages.  Hearing the person in the unit above you roll a vacuum across the floor at 6 am may not one of them, but in the past year when we've all spent at least a little time isolated at home and cut off from the world, it's nice to have neighbors.  Living in an apartment complex means you're never completely alone, and renters, in general, are loving that aspect right now.

The pandemic has changed what people want in a dream apartment, and instead of stainless steel appliances and dark hardwoods, the focus has shifted to things like a strong sense of community and ample green space.

Apartment Guide's 2021 Amenities Survey said more storage space is a top ask for most renters, along with lightning-fast Wi-Fi, a dishwasher, and good parking.  Oh, the coveted storage space!  I remember living in an apartment that I chose for cool countertops, and it didn't even a coat closet or a cabinet over the bathroom toilet.  There was nowhere to put anything, so everything ended up on the counters, which meant I never saw the cool countertops.

Now more than ever, renters are looking for a place to belong and socialize. Apartment living brings the chance for automatic friends (if they are relatively quiet and keep the trash picked up) and it can be an opportunity to build a social network.  Proximity to a park is key too and gives apartment dwellers a place to walk the dog, meet people, and shake off the disconnect that comes from being inside staring at screens for too long.    It's not as much about the individual living space as it is the entire apartment complex's sense of community.  In theory, anyway.  It's all fun and games until somebody blasts music in the parking lot at 1 am.

So, where are the best apartment complexes in Tyler? The internet has some ideas, and we would love to hear yours too. If you found a great space and you don't mind the secret getting out, let us know!

The Best 10 Apartments in Tyler, according to Yelp:

1.  The Grande Hill Estates, 1505 West Grande

2. Dove Tree Apartment Homes, 1600 Rice Road

3.  Deerwood Apartments, 2801 Calloway

4.  Arbor Creek Apartment Homes, 2400 Shiloh

5.  The Woodlands Apartments, 400 Old Grande

6.  Towne Oaks, 4001 Old Bullard

7.  The Foundry, 3400 Varsity Drive

8.  Marquis at Cascades, 4055 Hogan

9.  Auberge of Tyler, 2830 West Grande

10.  Quail Creek Apartments, 4901 Kinsey

The pandemic has changed many things, including what apartments have to offer to keep renters interested.

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