Not Longview.  It's Atlanta.

Some "sugar daddies" in Atlanta make $7 million per year, and spend around $1,000 per month on their ladies. Cool! Wanna move girls?

I think I'd rather date a poor guy! Here's why.

Over the summer I dated a couple of wealthy guys, and realized after a short time that there are a whole lot of issues that come along with dating money. At least the two guys I dated were so into their work and the related travel that they had very little time to put into a relationship.

And overall they were emotionally unavailable and aloof, but perhaps that energy was channeled into work instead, and helped them become successful. It may have been a trade off. is the world’s largest dating website for “sugar daddies," and they've published their annual poll of the best cities for women to date rich men. There are the most sugar daddies per capita in Atlanta. Orlando, San Francisco and Las Vegas are also right up there.

Having a sugar daddy would be cool and all, but money ain't everything. A hard-workin', cute, nice, funny, music-lovin' guy right here in East Texas works just fine. And if' he happens to be rich; bonus! Good luck ladies.