Giving you the opportunity to win $10,000 is a lot of fun. It's fun for us to hear your excitement when you win. It's fun for us to hear the great ways you plan to use $10,000. It's fun to hear your out-of-the-box thinking for how to spend $10,000. However, a woman way back in the year 2011 probably takes the cake for the most ridiculous way to utilize $10,000.

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I am not an art person. Some people can look at a painting or a sculpture and discover the meaning of life. I'll look at a piece and be like "oh, pretty colors". But one thing I do know is that the air we breathe is not art.

But someone apparently thought air IS art.

And that someone spent $10,000 on it.

Actor James Franco put his name behind a project in 2011 called Museum of Non-Visible Art ( This project was wanting to say that art does not exist physically but is imagined. This museum wanted you to buy a piece of "art" that was actually just a card to put on your wall and you would describe the piece to whoever. Your description would "paint" a picture in your head about what it is.

"As you look upon this spot of white sheetrock, you can see the meadow of sunflowers,  covered in dew, glistening in the morning sunrise. Feel the peace and relaxation as you imagine the heat of the sun on your face." You know, something like that.

Well, Aimee Davison thought this idea was brilliant and dropped $10,000 on a piece of this "art." She was asked by the Huffington Post why she did it, she said,

As a new media producer, I identified with the ideology of the project and was particularly inspired by the sentence, "We exchange ideas and dreams as currency in the New Economy."

Social media, which is integral to "the New Economy" of the Internet, post Web 2.0, has revolutionized how artists create, promote and sell their works of art. I felt that the act of purchasing "Fresh Air" supported my thesis about a concept I term "you-commerce," which is the marketing and monetization of one's persona, skills, and products via the use of social media and self-broadcasting platforms, like Franco's use of the crowd funding platform Kickstarter to fund the Museum of Non-Visible Art. Essentially, I wanted to put my money where my mouth is.

You know what, if you got $10,000 just to burn, make up whatever excuse you want. But, as I've heard said, "art is in the eye of the beholder." Miss Davison saw something in invisible art and loved it.

I'd love to have a picture to show you what she bought, but, you know, so here's this to imagine what she bought:


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