You Know The Saying "Everything Is Bigger In Texas" So Of Course We Had To Find The BIGGEST Party Barge In The State Just In Time For Summer.

Its been awhile since I've been out on the lake with friends on a party boat or pontoon. Its a really fun time if you ever get a chance to get out and try it or you can do it REAL BIG and rent the biggest floating party structure in the state....yes its that big!

The Wave At Lynn Creek Marina Boasts The Largest Party Barge In Texas.

You're probably going to want to get a party BUS for this one. Just 2 hours away from Tyler in Grand Prairie's Joe Pool Lake, sits what's formerly known as "The Big Kahuna" now known as "The Wave".

The 97-passenger barge has everything you need to have the GOAT lake party with a sundeck filled with lounge chairs, two waterslides sending you splashing into the water, and 3 large 120-gallon coolers for all the drinks you and your party crew can handle.

That's Not All...

Lynn Creek Marina
Lynn Creek Marina

Don't think for a second you and your fishing buds are gonna be driving this thing around the lake. Thankfully, a Captain, Crew, and Life Jackets are included and there's a BBQ Grill on board and they can send a team onboard to grill for yall while yall party.

If you plan on renting it, its a 3 hour MINIMUM and for more details on how to hop on with your fam, check out more details at the Lynn Creek Marina website.

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