Oh ladies, that Tinder app! What's your least favorite profile pic? For me it's a guy holding a dead fish, or any type of dead animal for that matter. The goal may be to show personality and that's great, but can it be done without the carnage?

Glamour Magazine breaks down The 13 Types of Men we'll meet on the Tinder app ... just in time for Valentine's Day!

The Fish Guy made the Glamour list. The Glamour author wonders whether it's a macho thing to post a pic holding a fresh catch, or if it's some type of caveman attitude that proves he's capable of feeding us dinner. Who knows, but there are a TON of guys that upload dead fish pictures. Is that hot to you?

The I-Drive-an-Expensive-Car Guy is on the list, too. It's a usually a pic of a hot sports car or a luxury vehicle, but either way we can never be fully certain it's his, his dad's, or a buddy's. Sometimes the guy is pictured with the car, and sometimes it's just the car.  Or a motorcycle. This tells us nothing about his eyes, smile, or butt.

What about the Creepy Photo Guy? Oh ladies, we've all seen 'em. It  may mean photos of the guy wearing a vampire mask, or it may be a Darth Vader figurine or something random sitting there like it's supposed to tell use something besides the fact that this guy might be a little weird.

Sometimes I've seen odd, cryptic posters with creepy sayings on them. Probably not going to be setting a Saturday night aside for that guy.

Glamour says The Real Deal also exists on Tinder, too. Yay! That's why we're there, sifting through the dead fish and motorcycle pictures right? We're looking for the real deal.

And with Valentine's Day coming up, we've got four days left to find him.

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