Is anything safe to eat anymore?

I was at the grocery store in the produce section and because of the latest recall of romaine lettuce it was hard to piece together dinner for the night.

Now if you thought it was a lot of recalls this year, you are not wrong.

According to Delish, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention investigated 22 recall outbreaks so far, this is the highest number of investigations in 12 years.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb told CNN recently in an interview the numbers of the investigations will rise as their methods of finding outbreaks get better.

They have the ability to test samples from infected patients and genetically link the pathogens they find to food sources.  However, what's missing is the technology to track and trace an outbreak to a single distributor or grower.

Major improvements in food safety has been made in the last decade.

They have more resources and additional tools to do effective surveillance.




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