So ever since I've been fully vaccinated, I've taken full advantage of running around and going places especially after being locked up in the house last year. I have a greater appreciation for being out now and while I know I can still "catch COVID" despite my vax status, I still follow and respect the policies and health of others by wearing a mask wear asked.

I recently attended several pro sports events in the Dallas area recently at the American Airlines Center which is where the NHL's Dallas Stars and the NBA's Dallas Mavericks host their games.


I went to a Stars game first and noticed that when it came to their "COVID" policy for their games, they only "asked" that you wear a mask. As a matter of fact, they would give you one as you entered the arena. But after you were inside, folks pretty much tossed their masks and walked around freely, but there was no " 48 hour negative test" or proof vaccination required.


Now as for the Dallas Mavs game, that was a different story. The Mavs and NBA has required fans attending games to either show proof of a negative COVID test within 48 hours of arrival or proof of vaccination. With my proof of vaccination ready, I went to a recent game to see my favorite NBA (the New Orleans Pelicans) get cooked by Luka and Kristaps and the crew.


But, I had an extra ticket and unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone to go with me because my friends didn't have proof of vax nor did they want to bother with getting tested just to attend ONE game.


Apparently, this has been an issue for the league and the Mavs according to NBC/DFW, where the team reports that games are selling out but some fans have chosen not to attend for different reasons, chief among them has to be the policies. Well, beginning Monday night (Nov. 15th), those protocols will finally be relaxed.


Citing a decline in the average number of COVID-19 cases, the Mavs fans will no longer have to show proof of vaccination or have a negative COVID test within 48 hours but there is a catch: its for anyone outside of the 15-foot range. Meaning, if you are around the players' bench or around the players within that 15-feet area, you still have the protocols to follow, but for everyone else, just show up with a mask.


The Mavs play the Denver Nuggets to begin the new relaxed policies and they are also introducing seating dedicated to fans who are immunocompromised, so now you have even more reason to check out the 8-4 Mavs this season so let's go to a game soon!

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