I will warn you, this is not a quickie, but it could be well worth the effort if you're looking to increase the value of your home and spiff up the neighborhood too.

Sometimes making a curb appeal improvement can be as easy as adding two tall clay pots with arching evergreen plants near the front entrance to pump more height and extravagance into the entrance.  There are simple tricks we can do to help boost curb appeal usually, but this one will take a little more effort and dedication.

White is the most popular exterior color now for homes, according to Instagram (and maybe Joanna Gaines).  The paint brand, Dulux Weathershield, looked at the most popular colors, styles, and finishes for paints using web searches and social media, and found that the most popular exterior paint trend right now is all-white paint.

White paint is crisp and clean, and if you can provide some color contrast with black trim on the windows it will really set things off and make your house pop.

This, from the girl whose exterior is red brick with tan trim.  Oops!  But making changes to the exterior is so much work.  I mean, it's a lot of work to Google a company that will do the work for me. Some of us might not lift a brush to tweak the exterior curb appeal, but it's still a huge undertaking to go down the road to find a reputable company to put white paint over brick and make it look great.  Not to mention it's dang expensive.

A few of my neighbors have painted old brick with fresh, new white paint, and it looks fantastic.  Apparently, they've seen Instagram.

If you go for all-white paint around East Texas, social media is also pointing toward a blue door as an accent, which is awesome because it fits right in with the Dallas Cowboys.  We just need to get it done in time for football this fall!  And maybe add a silver start on the peak.  This could work.

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