Some of our favorite TV shows are not filmed on Hollywood sets but in actual neighborhoods, and we got curious about how much those homes cost.  And we'll see if Texas real estate is any cheaper. crunched some numbers and figured out how much a property would cost us in some of the top TV filming neighborhoods.  The Stranger Things house is pretty cheap, but some of the others make us glad we live in Texas where home prices feel at least semi-civilized.

The infamous Wheeler House provides the set for Stranger Things, and it's in East Point, Georgia. Properties within that zip code average around $195,000, which seems pretty reasonable even with an eleven percent increase in property values over the past year.  I wonder if the popularity of the show has anything to do with the spike in values.  Most likely!

The Byrdes’ lakeside home on Ozark is located in Flowery Branch, Georgia, and homes in that zip code average $271,000.

Jen’s home on Dead to Me is in Sherman Oaks, California, and homes there would set us back about $1.2 million.

The Pearson family home on This Is Us is found in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles where the average house price is almost $1 million.  The Pearson house itself would cost about $997,000, according to comparethemarket and Zillow's home data.

So, how do East Texas prices compare?

According to, the median list price of homes in Tyler was $237,000 in December 2020, trending up 3.1% year-over-year. The median listing price per square foot was $121. The median sales price in Texas last year was $285,000.

Something to think about next time we're watching Ozark from our comfy couches.  Tyler homes cost about the same as the main home on Ozark, and, by comparison, real estate here comes in way under the homes on This is Us and Dead to Me.

We may not have homes here used as TV backdrops, but we can keep using our East Texas homes just as easily for TikTok video and Facebook lives.  That's free!

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