A 745-pound pumpkin has become the new state record-holder in Texas, and if you're curious about how they grew this monster, we're spilling the beans on the secret formula.

This is one that you won't see in that pile of pumpkins for sale on your way into the grocery store.  If you did, it would probably cost as much as a small car.

Some pumpkin growers in Comfort, in the Central Texas Hill Country, are State record holders for producing the giant veggie. Johnny and Debbie Forbes grew a pumpkin that weighs 745 pounds to make a little bit of history.  So how in the world did they do it?

They're not revealing everything about their pumpkin-growing secrets, but we've gathered quite a bit.  The Boerne Star said fifteen pumpkins sprouted from one seed and they cut off the weaker fruits to grow the big one.  All of the energy on the vine was pumped into the grand champion.  Of course, it all starts with the seed.   They got the seeds from Howard Dill Enterprises, which is a Nova Scotia-based farm that sells premium seeds capable of producing pumpkins bigger than most rocking chairs.

The Forbes' thought about entering their giant pumpkin in the Kendall County Fair in Boerne but opted for the state competition instead.  That helped confirm that they are the champs of pumpkin-growing in Texas, at least for this year.  If you find a bigger one in Tyler or Longview, let us know!

And be thankful you don't have to carve one this big.

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