Spring is usually an active time for real estate transactions, and there is a two-week period coming up that is supposed to be hotter than hot.  If you're selling a home, put it on the market during this time and it will sell faster, and for more money.

If there's a trick to winning the real estate game, this could be it.

Zillow says you should list your home during the first two weeks of May to get the most out of the process.  Homes listed between May 1 and May 15 will sell six days faster than the average, and yield 0.7% more money at sale, according to Zillow's research.  If you have a home on the market right now, hang in there!  Early May is coming and it may fly off the market then.  And if you're about to list, well, maybe it's worth waiting a couple of weeks.

I had a home on the market once for a year and a half.  Ugh!  Selling a home can be a test of patience (and finances), but someone will eventually take it off our hands.  And early May might be that magic time when problems are solved and the real estate stress dies down.

The worst time to sell is in the winter, according to Zillow.  Homes listed during the last two weeks of December sold for $2,500 less than the typical home.  Buyers are spending money on Christmas gifts at that point, instead of shelter to put them in.

Saturdays are the most active when buyers are out looking and sellers are getting contracts, so a lot of people list homes on Fridays to be ready and have that "just listed" buzz.  Tuesdays are usually the slowest days for showings and offers.

Check out Tyler's Zillow listings HERE and see what bargains you can find this month.  When early May rolls around you might be paying a little more.  Good luck!

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