O.M.G. For us Marvel fans, we've been waiting so long for this moment, and it did not disappoint. The first teaser trailer for Avengers 4. Yeah, I'm still not saying the subtitle. I want the surprise to continue at the end of the trailer.

This is just a teaser so we really don't know any real plot points but we do see Hawkeye as Ronin, a character he became in the comics, Tony is adrift in space for some reason, Cap has a plan of some kind to go after Thanos (speculation, of course) and Scott, somehow, got out of the quantum realm.

All I know is, I'm all in. The movie is still in the final stages of completion but I did read from collider.com that the edit so far has Avengers 4 at three hours. It could be eight hours long and I wouldn't care.

2019 is a big year for Marvel. Captain Marvel makes her debut in March and will assist the Avengers in their battle against Thanos in Avengers 4. Then the first post Avengers 4 movie will be Spiderman: Far From Home in July. A trailer for Spiderman is expected to come tomorrow (December 8).

Get your popcorn ready and I'll see you at the theater.

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