Here's the deal: Each day, we'll post two girls and you vote on who is hotter. The girl with the most votes wins and moves on to face a different girl the next day. If a girl wins five days in a row, she'll be inducted into the Smokin' Showdown Hall of Fame. Voting ends at midnight.

Ciara Price is on a two-day win streak! She had no trouble with Berlin Scott yesterday. Can she make it three in a row and get closer to the Smokin' Showdown Hall of Fame? Her new foe is some stiff competition (pun intended).

Now, the contestants (Twitter links are NSFW):

Brunette (or sometimes blonde) bombshell Ciara Price (on the left) -- @Ciara_Price on Twitter -- was Playboy's Miss November 2011. She's a huge sports fan and just seems to be really down to earth. She's got a sweet blogand loves to interact with her fans on Twitter.

Donna Lazarescu (@deerescu) -- and don't ask us how to pronounce her last name -- is a commercial model in California who will gladly show off her assets to promote any sort of business. She's a Bud Light girl, among many other things. It's hot in here.

After you vote, be sure and follow them on Twitter -- and follow us, too, @96XRocks!

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