Thanksgiving is a time of joy and laughter with the people you love. It is a time to give thanks. Although, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving if something didn't eff up! Sometimes it's the preparing of the food that turns into total chaos, other times, well, it's the chaotic family that can make for a real nice Thanksgiving Disaster. Check out some hilarious stories i found that may make you and your family feel just a little more normal.

First Impressions

"It was time to meet my new boyfriend's family, so we went to his home for Thanksgiving. The woman who would eventually become my mother-in-law piled so much food on my plate, there was no way I could finish it all. I did what I could, then just stared helplessly at the mountain of turkey, stuffing, and canned cranberries. Despite my heroically pushing the food around on my plate, she noticed I wasn't eating and asked what was wrong. "The food is delicious, but I'm full," I admitted, and she promptly removed my plate from the table and put it on the floor for the dog before dinner was over. What a fantastic first impression -- for both of us!" -- Betsy, 39, Maplewood, New Jersey

Giving Thanks

"One November, my brother and I went to Florida to see our father and extended family. On Thanksgiving Day, my grandmother started cooking at 8 a.m. and knocking back the scotches at 10 a.m. -- because she was 'working.' Dinner was at 4 p.m. We gathered at the table, all 19 of us, tons of delicious food ready for our consumption. My dad, who is the principal of a parochial school, had us bow our heads and said a very moving prayer about gratitude and family, and brought tears to everyone's eyes at the 'amen.' We sat in loving silence for a moment, each reflecting on the heartfelt words, and my grandmother announced (boozily), 'You all better eat my goddamned turnips!'" -- Laura, 36, New York City


My disaster happened nearly 20 years ago when I cooked my very first family Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't know what 'gizzards' were and never thought of looking inside the turkey for that "bag". I just stuffed my bird and cooked away. What a surprise when the family is gathered at the table and both my mom and mother-in-law are in the kitchen preparing the turkey to be carved and I pull out this 'bag' with the stuffing! We laughed so hard. To this day, I remove that 'gizzard bag' before I proceed to do anything else. And I've also passed this knowledge to my oldest daughter who will be cooking her first turkey this year. 


A friend of mine was preparing Thanksgiving Dinner for her new husband and his family. When she was heard screaming from the kitchen. Her husband ran in there and said, "What's wrong?" She said they packed the turkey's penis with the turkey. He laughed and said it is the neck of the turkey.

Do you have a funny Thanksgiving disaster story to share? Tell us!

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