If I were to ask you what's one of the best places to get a steak in East Texas, a majority of you would name Texas Roadhouse as your first choice. For good reason, too. Their steaks are high quality. Another great aspect of a meal at Texas Roadhouse is those fantastic rolls. There apparently is now an unofficial challenge of how many of those rolls one person can eat in a setting.

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Those rolls are fantastic at Texas Roadhouse. Add that cinnamon butter to them and your mouth is happy. Pairing those rolls with one of their ribeyes or sirloins for your dinner is perfection.

Well, one group of men decided to head out to Texas Roadhouse to defeat a standing roll eating challenge. To be honest, I didn't know there was a Texas Roadhouse roll eating challenge record but apparently the previous record consisted of 22 baskets for a total of 88 rolls. Could these young men defeat that challenge? Check out their video from Barstool Sports on Twitter.

It looks like the challenge has been broken and ready for someone else to try and top. Could that victory come from Texas Roadhouse on Loop 323 in Tyler or Loop 281 in Longview? The only way to beat it is to try.

Having said that, make sure you eat something more than rolls when you get there. Order a ribeye, a sirloin, a New York strip with some green beans and okra. Eat it there or take it with you. The restaurant would very much appreciate you ordering something and your waitress or waiter won't feel like their time has been wasted serving you.

If you do beat it, get it on video and let us share it for you.

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