The college sports landscape has already been changed forever with the implementation of NIL rules that allow college athletes to make money from their name, image and likeness. With these new rules an arms race is set to begin to attract kids to the biggest schools and that means some colleges could be making plans to jump leagues including two of the flagship schools of the Big 12 Conference.

According to a report from the Houston Chronicle, The University Of Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners have reached out to the Southeastern Conference about joining the powerhouse conference and leaving the 10 team Big 12 Conference.

The report went on to add that an announcement could be made about the move in the next few weeks. If both schools join the SEC, the conference will jump up to 16 teams and will become the first of its kind "super conference".

Of course MONEY will be the big factor in the move as The SEC has a huge TV deal in place already and the Big 12's TV deal with ESPN and Fox expires in 4 years. But one of the main draws to the move is that the Aggies and Longhorns can meet again annually on the football field.

Texas A&M bolted from the Big 12 9 years ago but according to the Aggies AD, they have no interest in rekindling the flame with UT as Texas A&M AD Ross Bjork told a reporter that they want to be the ONLY SEC team from Texas.

How about yall trade? Send UT and OU to the SEC and send Vanderbilt and Missouri to the Big 12. Sounds like a plan to me.

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