A 30-year-old Texas man with special needs is celebrating his birthday for the very first time and received a wonderful birthday gift by being cared for by his former teacher.

According to CBS 10 KWTX, Chris Barrington was discovered by a Texas police officer as he was walking alone on a highway for almost two days.

Authorities found out that Barrington's father who suffers from late-stage leukemia lost his ability to move and when they asked if he had other family he could contact the only person he could think of was his former teacher from middle school Michell Girard.

Girard hasn't seen her former student in years and once she received the news of him being put into an institution if she wouldn't take him in she made a decision that would change both their lives for the good.

What happens if I don’t take him? Will he get in a group home?’ [And] they said no, he’d go into an institution.  I said not on my watch he’s not.

Unfortunately, Chris's father passed away August 1st and now Michell is working on getting guardianship over her former student.

Recently Chris celebrated his 30th birthday and had his 1st party ever and a local fishing company took him on his first boat ride.

This is truly an amazing story and I wish Chris and his former teacher Michell nothing but the best!

I'm not crying! Someone in the building is cutting onions.....


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