Usually making the top ten brings bragging rights in Texas, but we might want to shush this time.  We've made the top ten for our lack of good sense on the road.

For six straight years, Texas has made the top 10 worst driving states in the nation list, and 2019 was no different.  Last year marked the sixth time that Texas got its worst ranking for drunk driving, and we got low marks for speeding too.  Only a few states fared worse.

Texas ranked #5 on the list of the 10 States with the Worst Drivers, according to  We were in second place for having the drunkest drivers, and we ranked 29th for speeding.  Oops.

It's hard to find someone who drives the speed limit (or under) one hundred percent of the time, but my dad is one of those people.  He's the safest driver ever and has only gotten one speeding ticket in his entire life and he swears that wasn't his fault.  It would be nice if he lived in Texas so he could help our pitiful averages, but he lives in Nebraska and boosts their safety rating there.  Nice work, Pop. says "carelessness, speeding, ignoring laws, and drunk driving remain among the leading causes of traffic deaths."  No one ever thinks they're going to commit a road foul but it happens, and then it's too late for a do-over.  Forty thousand people died on the roads in America last year, and holy cow, we wonder how many of those deaths were preventable.

So, have a safe weekend, dang it!  There's nothing wrong with letting a road rager speed on by even if it does make you mad.  At least that car isn't near you anymore.  And for goodness sake, we're not going to drink and drive this weekend, right?  It's football season for goodness sakes, and there's too much fun to be had.

States that rank worse than Texas, by the way, are Louisiana, Arizona, South Carolina, and New Mexico.  The month with the most fatalities was July and the month with the least was February.  Drive safe.

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