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This is going to be fun because it involves a man I greatly admire, and another that I see as one of the worst examples of a human being ever.

Let's start with the news. Texas' Lt. Governor has offered $1 million dollars out of his own campaign war chest for proof of voter fraud. He's capping the payouts at $25,000 per instance.

Let's go-to magician and amazing debunker, The Amazing Randi. Randi used to carry around a check for $1 million dollars which he said he'd give to anyone who proved any evidence of anything paranormal or supernatural.

Randi did the same thing the Lt. Governor is now doing for the same reason: they knew they'd get headlines for the stunt and never have to pay out a cent.

The problem is, Texas' Lt. Governor is doing it to cast further doubt on completely unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. In other words, Randi did his thing to stop deception, and our Lt. Governor is doing it to further deceptive claims.

By now you've noticed that I haven't mentioned the Lt. Governor by name. I am doing this because this man has won office over and over because he has a familiar-sounding name, and it has near zero to do with any accomplishments. Since being ensconced in office, he's used cheap political stunts like this one to increase his familiarity. It's sick, but I guess, that's politics.

Both men set this up in the best way possible, and both get tens of millions of dollars of free publicity for a promise of $1 million dollars that they'll never pay.

That's not the only thing they have in common either; politicians and magicians both get paid for fooling you.

Note: It is with supreme irony that this million-dollar reward was offered on the day Texas reached one million coronavirus infections, and yet you didn't see him offer anything to the victims or healthcare workers, did ya? 

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