Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has deleted a tweet that he published hours after what authorities have declared the worst mass shooting in American history.

At 7am this morning, Patrick posted an image bearing Galatians 6:7. The verse reads, "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows."

Social media erupted in outrage shortly afterward.

A spokesman was quick to back-pedal the post and remove it from the Twitter feed.

"Lt. Governor Patrick and every Texas is stunned and saddened by the outrageous act of domestic terrorism that has occurred in Orlando," spokesman Allen Blakemore said. "... Regarding this morning's scripture posting on social media, be assured that the post was not done in response to last night's tragedy. The post was designed and scheduled last Thursday."

Many on social media took this as too little too late, however.  The Texas Democratic Party later issued this statement:

"Hate and violence have no place in America," he said. "Unfortunately, Texans in mourning for our families in Florida woke up to an embarrassment from their lieutenant governor. Lt.Gov Dan Patrick, please apologize immediately. Make this right. We are better than this."

By mid-afternoon, news of the tweet made the front page of Reddit.

Users of that social media platform had plenty of thoughts on the subject:



Doesn't that kind of make him a terrorist sympathizer?


The religious tweets he puts out are chosen days in advance and are automatic or something.



  1. Absolute horses*&t.


Here's an album of those and similar tweets made in recent Sundays. Some are arguing that the sh***y tweet was automated. Note that the shi**y tweet lacks the "have a blessed Sunday" that the others have, including a tweet that went out an hour after the shitty one. This shows that the shi**y tweet was not automated as the others may be.

A quote from another thread (thanks /u/bardfinn):

The verse, "God cannot be mocked; you reap what you sow", is used throughout Biblical Fundamentalist Protestantism to decry homosexuality and institutions that accept it. It is what Pat Robertson cited to claim that hurricanes and floods were the deity's judgement upon New Orleans.

So, here's one example of that.

Then there's the fact that this doesn't fit his usual Sunday tweeting pattern as I discuss here.

Neither of these facts independently means much, but when considered together it's easy to read between the lines.

It wouldn't surprise me that he--or maybe a social media specialist working for him--initially heard there was "violence" or something equally vague and decided to be a dickish troll about it, and then later heard more details and realized what a mistake he's made. In any case, it's still a problem. At best, it's a drastic mistake; at worst, it's a despicable dog whistle.



This ass*&$e does not reflect everyone from my state.



I've seen Dan Patrick in action, from the time he was a sports broadcaster in Houston, to running a restaurant, to buying a radio station, then getting involved in politics. I've yelled at the radio and TV when he comes on. I disagree with about 9/10 of what he stands for.

But I don't think he's crass enough to send something this tasteless right after this type of event. Coincidences happen.



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