So far those spending time behind bars have donated over $50,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.  Did you even know inmates in Texas could donate money to charity?  They're doing it, and kicking most of our butts in the process.  Wow.

Brandi Grissom with the Dallas Morning News reported this week that about 6,600 inmates have donated more than $53,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief.

They can designate a certain portion of their commissary accounts for charitable contributions, and some have set aside as much as one or two hundred dollars to help Harvey victims.  More than we've donated?  Perhaps!

The commissary accounts are places for inmates to deposit small amounts of money and make withdrawals for things like stamps and envelopes, or snacks and hygiene items. The average Harvey donation per inmate is around eight bucks, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  The Texas Standard says inmates donated to Rita and Katrina victims too.

This might be proof that our Texas inmates are thinking a lot about what's happening outside their walls.  Regardless of what they did to earn the time in prison, the fact that they're contributing to life beyond prison is pretty inspirational.  At least Harvey victims will be grateful.

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