Parker County inmates waiting for their time in court turn out to be heroes. While in a holding cell awaiting their trials, the inmates watched the jailer who was guarding them slump over unconscious in the chair he was sitting in. After yelling at him and getting no response and yelling and creating as much noise as they could as to be heard by others in the building and getting no response, the inmates decided to break out of their holding cell to help this jailer in need.

As you can imagine, once out of the containment cell, the inmates were scared that when other deputies arrived they would have their guns drawn on them as they probably would have thought it was a jail break. Since not knowing what was going on, the inmates could have faced some pretty tough opposition and drawn weapons by the approaching deputies. Inmate Nick Kelton tells WFAA 8 News,

We were worried they’re going to come with guns drawn on us."

Other inmates continued to make noise, which was eventually heard by other deputies a floor above the holding area and came to investigate. Deputies thought it might have been some kind of fight in the cell. Upon arriving in the holding area, Parker County Sheriff's Sgt. Ryan Speegle was mystified when he arrived on scene because the inmates were out of their cell hovering around the unconscious officer. Once securing the inmates and the scene, paramedics arrived and brought the jailer back to life.

These inmates showed true character and came to the aid of another human being when it mattered the most and ended up giving another man more time.

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