A Wild Story From East Texas Where A Jail Inmate Tried To Make A "Great Escape" But Didn't Get Very Far.

If things weren't already bad enough that a person has to sit in jail while they await their day in court to fight the charges that they stand of accused of, but it only makes the situation worst when said prisoner attempts to ESCAPE and now has ADDED CHARGES that they will have to face.

A man named Antwuan Jefferson is one person that is dealing with those problems.

Jefferson was arrested for robbery and assault on Sunday (June 9th).

Rusk County Jail
Rusk County Jail

According to a report from KETK, Jefferson allegedly "robbed the victim and taken an undisclosed amount of money” and was taken to the Rusk County Jail.

While in custody, an officer was reportedly instructed to take him to a Tyler hospital for medical treatment that had nothing to do with the arrest or his incarceration.

While At The Hospital, Jefferson Allegedly Tried To Escape.


Once at the hospital, Jefferson allegedly assaulted an officer after being seen by medical professionals, and attempted to take a firearm from the officer.

Officials said the officer retained the firearm, and Jefferson escaped custody but his run for freedom didn't last very long. Jefferson ran into the parking lot and to the street before a police officer and a Texas DPS trooper were able to capture him.

Now Jefferson Is Back In Jail With More Charges.


Thankfully, police reported that no one was injured or required medical treatment after his attempted escape.

Unfortunately for Jefferson, he was taken back to the Rusk County Jail where he was already charged with robbery and assault causing bodily injury but now he's facing assault on a peace officer and escape while arrested charges. Tough break.

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