Summertime in Texas is a very fun and exciting few months every year, there are lots of fun activities going on all over the state. But for anyone who is not new to the state of Texas we also know that with all the fun that is coming up there is also some extreme heat and always fun humidity that is headed our way as well. Most of us don’t even fuss about it anymore because it’s just part of the deal when you live in Texas. But if you’re looking for fun indoor activities to take part in when it’s hot outside, we have some ideas for you. 

Kids Bored During Summertime

Even though I have no kids of my own, I know the last thing parents want to hear this summer is the dreaded words, “I’m bored.” Which is exactly why I wanted to start working on a list like this to help have a plan for when kids start running out of things to do this summer, most likely on the second week of their summer break.  

Limit Screen Time Even Indoors 

Kids are surrounded with screens constantly; it might be a good idea to limit the screen time this summer. While I understand the kids might not love this decision, it will help them have a better, more well-rounded summer. If they stare at a screen the whole time they will make no memories.  

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Let’s Look at Some Fun Summertime Activities That are Indoors 

Here are some fun indoor activities to enjoy when it starts getting too hot to be outside all day. 

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