No one ever wants to be pulled over by law enforcement, that means there is an issue that needs to be fixed or you have done something illegal. Although sometimes there might be an issue that you don’t even know about. Which is why I wanted to bring to your attention six vehicle issues that could get you pulled over or even get you a ticket if they aren’t fixed immediately (because they are illegal) in the state of Texas. 


I remember being in high school and I got pulled over and had no idea why, the officer was really nice, but he told me that I was stopped because my license plate wasn’t visible due to how dirty it was. Before then I never thought twice about how dirty my license plate was on my vehicle. But it was a learning moment for me, and I am really glad the officer was so nice and let me go with a warning.  

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Not Knowing is Not an Excuse 

While the dirty license plate was not on purpose, it was still my responsibility as a driver to make sure that my license plate was clean and visible for law enforcement officers to read clearly. Not knowing that the plate was too dirty is not an excuse. Just like all of the vehicle issues below, make sure that your vehicle is in good working order to avoid a possible citation. 

Let’s Look at the Vehicle Issues 

Here is a look at the 6 things that could be going wrong on your vehicle that could get you pulled over or could possibly get you a ticket.  

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