One of the best cities for tacos in Texas is also one of the most haunted.  

Travel and Leisure magazine says San Antonio is considered one of the most haunted places in Texas because of its history.

Travel and Leisure points out, "The Battle of the Alamo led to thousands of casualties, and Alamo visitors and employees have reported seeing the ghosts of soldiers and hearing mysterious rally cries. The nearby Emily Morgan Hotel is one of the country’s most haunted hotels, too. The property was once a hospital, and some guests now report seeing the apparition of a woman in white in the halls."  Ghost hunters have been known to spend time in San Antonio, looking and listening for spirits that might still be lingering in hotels, restaurants, and parks.

Of course, Jefferson is a little closer to home, and it has a haunted hotel of its own.  The Kahn Hotel in Jefferson has become an attraction for its organized ghost tours led by local amateur historian Jodi Breckenridge, who has been guiding tours in the area since 2004.  The Kahn Hotel was a former saloon in the 1860s and was the site of several gun battles.  After that, visitors reported hearing "ghostly laughter" and noticed electrical malfunctions.  Jefferson is also home to the Schluter House, where several children died from yellow fever. Give Travel and Leisure some time, and surely they'll be putting Jefferson in the top ten too.

New Orleans is the #1 most haunted place in America, according to Travel and Leisure, because it has "churches haunted by the spirits of former priests, former hospitals visited by soldiers who died but never truly passed on, and homes filled with ghosts of residents who died on the premises."  It also says the ghost of author William Faulkner lives there at his former home-turned-bookstore, Faulkner House Books

It's October, so if there is ever a month to get curious about the paranormal, this is it.  And since we're apparently surrounded by haunted spots, a good ghost encounter could be just a short drive away.  May the force be with you.

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