I've gone fishing more than I can count on my two hands, but I'm certainly no pro or a fish whisperer. What would you call these Texas guys who nabbed a 5-pounder... of marijuana?

South Texas Fishing Association shared some photos yesterday of a family going fishing only to reel in a 5 pound package of reefer. According to the post, no one smoked it and they alerted the authorities - no harm, no foul.


The only story I could find about this is from greenrushdaily.com and surprise, it's a website revolving around pot. But it was published last summer meaning this probably happened about a year ago.

My favorite part of the original post are the comments.

Someone asked:

What kind of bait were you using?

Another wrote:

Is that what they call seaWEED?

Here's another:

Fisherman: here you go coast guard. 
Coast guard: what? You called us out for shwag. Keep it were going back in.

Fair question:

Don't they come in 6 pound bundles......????

Last one:

Square grouper.

For wayyyyy more comments, you can check out the post here.

Makes you wonder what else we find in the depths of the ocean, right?