TxDOT says since Nov. 7, 2000, at least one person has died on Texas roadways every single day. That's hard to imagine.  It's 66-thousand deaths, and many of them could have been prevented.

There are at least four things we can do to bring this horrible streak to an end.

Thanksgiving week will be one of the biggest travel weeks of the year, and the experts say the extra heavy traffic starts today and will last through the 26th.  We've got thousands of fellow Texans on the roads, and also plenty of visitors who may not know their way around quite as well, and that might take a little extra watching on the way to Grandma's house for turkey.

Troopers are trying to end the deadly 18-year milestone, and that's why you're seeing the #EndTheStreakTX campaign on social media.

To break the 18-year streak of fatalities, TxDOT says there are at least four things we can do to save lives during this Thanksgiving travel week.

• Buckle seatbelts – all passengers need to be buckled.

• Pay attention – put the phone away and avoid distractions.

• Never drink and drive – drunk driving kills; get a sober ride home.

• Drive the speed limit – obey speed limits and slow down if the weather gets bad.

TxDOT is also asking people to share personal stories of loved ones lost in car crashes on social media to help propel the message.  You can join the conversation using #EndTheStreakTX.

As a mom of three young daughters, I've stepped up my own discipline behind the wheel, and sometimes that means driving like a grandma and not caring what people think.  And I've put that dang phone away.  If anything ever happened to those girls because of my stupidity, I don't know how I could ever forgive myself.

Texas should be proud of streaks involving football wins and the most barbecue cookoffs per capita, but this highway streak has got to go.  You ready?  Have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving week.  And let's all get back here in one piece.

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