So what would you do if you had been planning a wedding for six months only to have a hurricane blow through? For Shelley Holland - or Texas women in general - you get married anyway. This included the wedding chapel itself!

One of my favorite quotes about Texas came from renowned journalist, Dan Rather, born in Wharton.

Always marry a woman from Texas. No matter how tough things get, she's seen tougher.

This quote perfectly depicts this story we're sharing with you. A Texas couple had their wedding plans rained on (to put it lightly) during the weekend Hurricane Harvey made the whole world notice.

Thanks to some help from her pastor (whose chapel/home was destroyed), her wedding coordinator and her photographers, her special day still came to pass despite the destruction of Hurricane Harvey according to

Her pastor, Jorge Cardenas, and wedding coordinator helped find a new venue for their wedding. And photographers, Jim Davis and Andi Davis, took some photos of their day that have now gone viral. 

Shelley and her husband want to show their gratitude by helping their pastor, whose home was destroyed, with their own fundraiser.

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