Whenever I think of a vehicle driving around without a car hood my mind always goes back to the movie ‘Tommy Boy’ with Chris Farley and David Spade. Luckily that was a movie and no one was injured when the hood of their car flipped up making it impossible to see the road. But sometimes things happen and if you were to lose the hood to your car or truck can you still drive in legally in the state of Texas? 

First of all, we hope that you never have to deal with this question and that your vehicle and the hood to your car or truck stays attached like it’s supposed to do. If for some reason your hood gets detached from your vehicle don’t stress about your vehicle being illegal. According to multiple sources online including Bryan’s Garage, Texas is one of the states that allows drivers to commute without a hood. 

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No Ticket Will Be Issued 

With it not being against the law, you probably won’t be pulled over for driving without a hood on your vehicle. Although you’ll probably want to get that fixed as soon as possible so it doesn’t lead to any other issues with your engine being exposed. 

Let’s Look at the Texas Transportation Code 

There was no way I was going to read through the entire Texas transportation code to find out all of the exact details about driving in Texas without a hood on your vehicle if you want to do the research, here is a link to the Texas transportation code. Enjoy the 3003 page document. 

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