wideopencountry.com proposed recently what Texas would look like as nine states. Looking at the map, it does seem plausible.

Dallas / Fort Worth and Houston are their own, West Texas would encompass the desert portion, our summer road trip to the coast would be it's own and East Texas would stay the same with some additions North, West and South.

Could this actually be done, though? According to texastribune.org, it can. While they state that the highly debated topic of Texas secession could not legally happen, splitting Texas into five states would be perfectly legal.

East Texas, West Texas, coastal bend, Rio Grande Valley and Central Texas, to me, would be a great split if Texas were to come to this arrangement.

Texas has a population of just over 27.8 million according to 2016 estimates from census.gov. Divide that by five and you've got some decent populated smaller states.

It is always fun to compare the size of Texas against other portions of the country or the world. Texas Monthly used the web app MAPfrappe (it's a lot of fun to use, by the way, check it out) to accurately compare Texas and the results are just what you would think.

Texas would cover an area from Kentucky to South Carolina, thru Ohio and up into Michigan.


Texas would be one the larger states in North Africa.


Texas could fit most of Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Northern Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands inside it's borders.


Alaska is the only state in the union that has a larger land mass.


Maybe the slogan should be reworded to "What's not bigger than Texas". Not much.