When most of us living in Texas think about air pollution, we start thinking about all the craziness of California or New York with all the traffic and pollution that comes with it. But unfortunately, we are starting to deal with more air pollution here in Texas especially as we are seeing the population in the lone star state continue to increase.  

Every year the American Lung Association (ALA) come out with a new report they call the “State of the Air” report. This report brings attention to new areas that are seeing a rise in air pollution and acts as a reminder for cities with bad pollution to continue to work toward improvement. As you would expect there are lots of California cities on the list this year but a few Texas cities as well.  

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There is a Tie for the Worst Air Pollution in the Country 

Two cities in California tied for the “title” of having the worst air pollution in the country, those locations are Bakersfield, California and Visalia, California. In fact, 5 of the 6 cities with the worst air pollution are all in California. The only other place to make the top 5 of this list was Fairbanks, Alaska coming in at #5 on the list. 

What Texas Cities Made the Worst Air Pollution List? 

Coming in (tied) at #15 is Houston – The Woodlands, Texas. Next up would be at #21 on the list McAllen-Edinburg, Texas. Finally, the last spot on the list was #23 Laredo, Texas. 

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