Texas pride is only matched by Buc-ee's pride, almost. So, yeah it hits Texans wrong when the largest one is in dumb Tennessee. But should there even be one there to begin with? In fact, we know we need them outside Austin, TX, and every couple hundred miles or so, but do other states deserve them?

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The new largest store, constructed near Sevierville, Tennessee, a town of about 17,000 people, opened at the end of June and has for now become the biggest in the company. The new travel center features 120 fuel stations, snacks, the cleanest restrooms east of the Mississippi, beaver nugs, and a carwash. Enjoy while it lasts, Tennessee.

The next new largest Buc-ee’s travel center broke ground back on Nov. 16. Once complete, the new Luling location, will stretch more than 75,000 square feet and will replace the city’s current Buc-ee’s store, which was built in 2003. Most importantly and will re-establish Texas as the home to the world's largest.

But why do other states even get Buc-ee's to begin with? A question that was posted in a Buc-ee's Facebook page reveals that an hilariously large number of Texans don't believe other states need one.


Several folks disagreed with Jaime M. seemingly kind declaration:

Christy F. "Not every state [does]. We hold fast to our southern pride!"

Douglas W. "Except the blue states. Taxes and regulations are too high there "

Michael P. "Not California or New York"

Dave W. "Let's be honest, some states don't deserve a Bucees..... Texas company, Texas VALUES..."

And, of course, there were several people who did agree with the original poster's sentiment. But they weren't as funny So what do you think? Does every state deserve a Buc-ee's?

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