Jack Black and Kyle Gass aka Tenacious D don hooded capes, play acoustic guitars (one of which morphs into a sword) and shoot lasers outta their eyes in the official video for ‘Rize of the Fenix.’

The song is the title cut from their “comeback” album of the same name, which drops May 15 and should reinvent music as we know it. That is, if you ask the D.

The duo performs on rocky terrain – perhaps a subliminal testament to the fact that they “rock” harder than we could have ever possibly thought? Black knuckles down on his sword guitar, slicing off appendages of beasts in the process. It looks like he is playing air guitar with the “weapon.”

Midway through, Gass is stripped of his instrument, his robe and has chips dumped over his head. Humiliating! The filming process is part of the video, too, with cameramen and production assistants walking around in the middle of the action. You’re in on the joke, if you want to be.

There’s hula hoops, green screen action, explosions and more that make up the action.

There’s so much going on you can’t possibly absorb it all with just one viewing. So carve out some time to watch it multiple times. You won’t regret it. Just enjoy. Feel the power of the D.

Watch Tenacious D ‘Rize of the Fenix’ Video

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