By now, we're all aware that Ted Nugent wishes there was a Republican in the White House. And according to Uncle Ted, the resentment is mutual. In fact, as Uncle Ted told his audience during a recent tour stop in Wisconsin, he believes he's the focus of deep personal animosity from President Barack Obama.

In a video, which was found at Classic Rock but has since been removed from YouTube by the user, Nugent calls himself "the No. 1 man that the President of the United States hates more than anybody," insisting, "You know, I really didn't do anything. I just get up in the morning and try to be the best that I can be. I put my heart and soul into being the most productive American that I can be, and the President hates that."

Now to be clear, President Obama has never had much to say one way or the other about Nugent. But even if Obama did hate Nugent, his claim that he "didn't do anything" to deserve such thoughts would be disingenuous. As Ultimate Classic Rock readers are well aware, the Motor City Madman has a long history of making bold and negative public statements about the President, such as saying he represents "everything bad about humanity," insisting that his "America-hating" administration is full of "vile, evil criminals," and calling him a "subhuman mongrel" (for which he later apologized) -- not to mention the guitarist's prediction that he'd be "dead or in jail" if Obama were re-elected in 2012.

Be that as it may, Nugent may be feeling a little more hated than usual these days, given that his public persona has cost him a few gigs lately -- and he wanted his Wisconsin crowd to know that deep down, he's really just like all of them, which in his view seems to mean that President Obama hates them too. "You know why he hates me? Because he hates you," he concluded. "He hates hunting, he hates guns, he hates freedom. He hates people with an attitude. So f--- him."

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