A perfect story for the holiday season. Imagine you are a teenager and you never wanted to be adopted. Then you meet a teacher by the name of Ms. Berry from Pathways Learning Center in Beaumont.

According to KHOU, 16-year-old Anthony Berry was adopted by his teacher on Friday (November 17) after they struck a deal. "Finish the assignment and then show me the website", is what Ms. Berry told him.

From KENS 5, the courtroom in Jefferson County looked like a scene from the Wizard of Oz as Anthony and seventeen other kids ranging from 1-16 years old found permanent, loving homes. The funny thing is Anthony didn’t want to be adopted, but things changed when he met this particular teacher. She said he would always joke about the situation until he opened up, and the rest is history.

Anthony said in a statement:

If you have ever thought about adoption or didn't want to be adopted, actually try it cause you never know. Take into consideration that for someone that doesn't love you, there is always someone that will love you.

That is such a wonderful thing to become a foster parent right before the holiday season. If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent of want more information you can call the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services by clicking here.

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