Super Moon 2012, which occurred Saturday night, was not a sight to be missed, even if you were too busy drinking your Cinco de Mayo margaritas. This natural phenomenon is the one time a year when the moon is closer to the earth than ever, making it appear 30 percent brighter and 14 percent bigger. It also makes us stare off into space and go, “Whoah!?”

If the allure of a chilled bottle of Corona took too much of your attention away, you probably missed the Super Moon altogether. But you’re in luck, ’cause most people from around the world didn’t.

Photos and reactions from as close as California to as far away as Pakistan were posted online by awed viewers seeking the web’s instant gratification and “Likes.” Check out some of the best shots below.

Phoenix, Arizona

Super Moon 2012 - Phoenix, Arizona

Vancouver, British Columbia

Super Moon 2012 - Vancouver, British Columbia

Los Angeles, California

Super Moon 2012 - LA

Paris, France

Super Moon 2012 - Paris, France

Rome, Italy

Super Moon 2012 - Rome, Italy

Lahore, Pakistan

Super Moon 2012 - Lahore, Pakistan

Volvo Ocean Race

Super Moon 2012 - during the Volvo Ocean Race from Brazil to Miami

Bristow, Virginia

Super Moon 2012 - Bristow, Virginia

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