Mike Portnoy is one of the best when it comes to mimicking "The Professor" Neil Peart behind a massive kit. The original drummer and co-founder of Dream Theatre before leaving in 2010, Portnoy has been a fan of Rush since a kid, being raised around his radio DJ fathers album collection while living in California. He now finds himself teaming with Pan Rocks founder Tracy Thornton and the awesome group of musicians known as the Steel Drum Rock Orchestra to make sure the Canadian trio never get to far from our ears. Huge difference in the delivery shows only in the absence of the forever memorable tones of one Geddy Lee as the steel instruments themselves match the rangy vocalist note for note.


As a longtime rock music enthusiast, Rush has forever been very easy for me to, relate to, be inspired by, and lyrically understand. In this context, I truly enjoy watching and learning from those truly talented individuals that choose the music of Rush to express their own personal interpretation and fresh sound I would never have sought on my own.


One of the few positives to our daily social media search that exposes us to new ideas and new sounds if we would simply experiment with new things, this wonderful piece of music came my way on Facebook this morning. Enjoy something new if you will from a wonderful group of longtime successful session musicians, as they ride along side an undeniably energetic and unique orchestra for a fresh new feel of our air-wave anthem, "The Spirit Of Radio".

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