We are not perfect people. In fact, there is not one single person on this planet right now who has never made a mistake in their life. That's not to say you can't point out a mistake but you certainly can't put someone down for making it because you have most likely made the same mistake, especially when it comes to grammar. The State Fair of Texas let a bit of a grammar mistake get by their proofreaders and had it on display for a few moments on opening day. They owned up to their arrest by the grammar police, put out a great video poking fun at themselves for making it and got it corrected pretty quickly.

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Grammar Mistakes Happen

When it comes to grammar, there seems to be a lot of gate keepers, meaning those who believe they have never made a grammar mistake and make it a point to yell at someone who has. Grammar mistakes happen, especially to us radio folks who are not the best at typing everyday. One grammar mistake that is constantly pointed out is the use of your and you're. We all know what each word means but it's easy to use the wrong verbiage in a sentence and then miss it when proofreading the work. This happened at the State Fair of Texas.

Howdy Folks! We're Glad Your Here! - State Fair of Texas Grammar Mistake on Welcome Sign

Your and You're

Yes, the State Fair of Texas used the wrong word in their welcome sign to attendees, your instead of you're. It happens. No one is perfect. It's a mistake that can be easily corrected without a bunch of grammar nazis jumping down someone's throat because they missed the mistake. A picture was taken by NBC DFW 5 viewer Kathy and sent to the station of the mistake which was then sent to the State Fair of Texas.

State Fair of Texas via X
State Fair of Texas via X

Poked Fun at Themselves

However, the State Fair of Texas had already noticed the mistake and got it corrected very quickly. As you do when a mistake like this is made, you can only make fun of yourself. That's what the fair did in a video on X:

No Need to Harass Us Because of a Grammar Mistake

Look, we writers make grammar mistakes more often then not. Most of the time we get them corrected before we hit publish. But on occasion, a mistake will slip through when proofreading. It happens. It has happened to you. It will happen to everyone. We've seen it all too often in your comments when a mistake like that happens. Yes, it's embarrassing and we'll go back and fix it as quickly as possible. But bashing us or calling us stupid or saying we need to go back to school is uncalled for. You have made, and will make, the same mistake.

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