You already know Classic Rock 96-1 tries to make your day on the job a little bit better, by featuring 96-Minute Commercial-Free Music-Marathons every workday.  Normally those begin first thing in the morning right after the John Boy & Billy Big Show at 9am, & then again as soon as you get back from lunch at 1pm.

Now all this week, you'll hear even more continuous classic rock rollin' while you're on the job.  It's our special bonus:  96-Minute Music-Marathons all day long, Monday through Friday.   We'll start 'em at 9 in the morning as usual, but as soon as one ends, another one will kick off almost immediately!  Classic Rock 96-1 will keep on playin' all that commercial-free music until way past 6:30pm!  That's at least 20 songs-in-a-row, non-stop & commercial free for over 9 consecutive hours, for 5 straight days!  

As always, listen for Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith- all your favorite classic rock superstars.  96-Minute Music-Marathons all day long- so much great commercial-free music, your time on the clock will go by quicker & be more fun...  or at least seem like it!

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