We all love music in some way. I personally am a huge fan of music that's why I got into this business. Some songs tell us a story or make us feel like jumping in the mosh pit. But today I was just thinking of songs that give good advice.We listen to songs for many different reasons like to calm us down, pick us up if we are in a bad mood or just something in a  songs hook that glistens in our ear hole . For today we are going to delve into a songs that give good advice.  I personally over the years have many songs in the mental Rolodex that I have heard and feel give good advice. So I have posted two songs and videos that give good advise. So sit back in your lazy-boy or office chair and soak in some good advice these artists are singing about. Or first song is "Hold On Loosely" by 38 Special. This a  great song that gives good advice to hold on loosely in life and love but don't let go. And for our second song today we will go with something a little newer from a band called Third Eye Blind with the song called "Jumper". This song tells a great story along with giving advice about throwing your past away and moving forward with life.
38 Special"Hold On Loosely"

3rd Eye Blind"Jumper"

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