If you recall a few weeks back, we told you that there were several folks in Texas running around with unclaimed WINNING lottery tickets worth MILLIONS including someone in Longview who was holding a ticket worth more than $3 million dollars.

We were trying to figure out why this money was going unclaimed and if they didn't want it, we can recommend a very good charity to donate it to....MY BANK ACCOUNT.

But now the mystery is over in Longview as someone has stepped forward with the winning ticket to collec their cash. According to The Texas Lottery, the Longview resident (who chose to stay anonymous, which is the SMART thing to do) claimed a $5 million estimated annuitized jackpot prize for the Lotto Texas drawing held on June 5.

The cash value option was selected at the time of purchase and the claimant will receive $3,755,592.41 before taxes which is still a pretty nice pay day even before "Uncle Sam" come through to take his cut.

The winning Quick Pick ticket matched all six of the numbers drawn (5-11-20-24-27-46). The ticket was purchased at EZ Bee49, located at 514 S. Eastman Road, in Longview.

There's been a lot of winning going on in Longview as it was revealed just a few days before this news that a different resident there won $3 million dollars off a Texas Lottery Scratch Off so I don't know what's in the water but it looks like I'll be doing all my lottery purchases in Longview!

At this rate, Longview might end up on the list below soon:

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