Here's the deal: Each day, we'll post two girls and you vote on who is hotter. The girl with the most votes wins and moves on to face a different girl the next day. If a girl wins five days in a row, she'll be inducted into the Smokin' Showdown Hall of Fame. Voting ends at midnight.

Donna Lazarescu is on a four-day win streak, which leaves her one win away to be the inaugural member of the Smokin' Showdown Hall of Fame. She's already beaten Ciara Price, Sara Jean Underwood and Heather Knox -- all premier Playboy Playmates -- and followed that with a win over Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model Kate Upton.

Can she make five happen? Donna's Twitter fans have been great at voting! They'll have to keep it up today against Victoria's Secret's most famous angel, Miranda Kerr.

The contestants (Twitter links are NSFW):

Above on the left, Donna Lazarescu (@deerescu) -- and don't ask us how to pronounce her last name -- is a commercial model in California who will gladly show off her assets to promote any sort of business. She's a Bud Light girl, among many other things.

Miranda Kerr (@MirandaKerr), on the right, is one of the most famous models in the world. She's easily the most popular Victoria's Secret angel, and she's instantly become a household name.

Now, they need your votes!

After you vote, be sure and follow them on Twitter -- and follow us, too, @96XRocks!

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