After Friday's ruling by the Supreme Court, county offices across the country have been adjusting, trying to figure out when to start issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.

It's a matter of reprogramming computers in some cases, and reworking databases to handle it.

What about Smith County?

The Smith County Clerk's Office told KLTV TV that the plan is to start issuing marriage licenses to gay couples today. Over the weekend they had to draft new documents that weren't gender specific, but it seems like all of the paperwork is in order now for gay couples to head to the courthouse and get the official marriage license.

You've got to know the county, city, and state where you were born and be over 18. Also have your social security number available, and take your driver's license.

And be in love and prepared to spend the rest of your life with that person that is about to become your ball and chain.

I mean ... better half.

Click HERE for directions to the Smith County Clerk's Office and fee info.

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